Using Sandbox, you are free to create various strategies and test them because you aren’t limited with real money — 10,000 base units, to be precise. For example, USDT/BTC crypto trade provides for 10,000 free virtual USDT.

This limit applies to every order in your strategy and this amount do not reduce. 

How to access sandbox mode?

  1. If you don't have connected exchanges all your strategies and orders will start in sandbox mode and you will see sandbox reminder every time you start the strategy / order.
  2. When you've connected at least one API key there will be a dedicated button for strategies, located under it's name.

Single orders from order forms are not available in sandbox once API key is connected.

Sandbox Limits

Each executing order has limit of  10,000 base units. So if you trade

  1. USD-BTC – you can have max 10,000 USD in your order
  2. BTC-BNB - max 10,000 BTC in your order
  3. XBTUSD (bitmex) you can have an equivalent of 10,000 USD in Bitcoin, as bitmex trading is performed in contracts (1 contract = 1 dollar)
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