1. Market Buy / Buy Trailing Stop

The way we are currently perform instant buys is by adding +10% to last price. In such case you will always buy from top of the order book (ASK) using the best available price. However when placing such order you will need to have 10% additional funds on your account. 

Example: BTC is at $7000. You want to buy 1 BTC via Market Buy or Buy Trailing Stop. Superorder will place an order to buy 1BTC at $7700 but you'll get it using the price from top of order book ($7000). However you can't place an order if you don't have additional $700 on you balance and will get "Insufficient funds" error.  

2. Market Sell / Stop Loss / Trailing Stop Loss
Again, as Bittrex doesn't allow such orders via APIs we need to maintain all logic on our servers and communicate with Bittrex in terms of simple Limit Sell under the hood. That's why when we perform such order we need to be sure that Stop Loss will actually SELL YOUR COINS, so we reduce 10% from the last price. You may see that you sold BTC at $6300 when the price was $7000, HOWEVER $6300 was not actual rate. Your actual rate is always higher and you can see it either in notification we send OR in order history under 'Actual rate'. 

So rules here: Don't freak out and don't write 'f*ck you' to us before you check your actual rate :) 

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